Loans For Protesters And Bad Payers

In the choice of loans for protesters and bad payers, Cleopar represents an opportunity to be seized, above all for the offer of the sale of the fifth, very often the only way in the credit market to be able to obtain a loan in spite of financial problems has had in the recent past, thus ending up being reported in the end-to-end knowledge company register reserved for bad payers, or in that of protests. In this essential guide we will see the loan opportunities for Cleopar protesters and bad payers, which financial products offered by this credit institution can be used when you have difficulties accessing the market: as we know it is never easy to find finance from reported, but Cleopar, like other companies and banks, tries as far as possible to meet the needs of its customers.

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Sale of the fifth Cleopar

The offer for the sale of the fifth Cleopar is the ideal solution for public and private employees, and even retirees, who wish to obtain a loan in a relatively simple manner even in the presence of past mistakes in the financial sphere that could compromise access to credit. For credit institutions and financial companies operating in the Italian market, this solution very often represents the only opportunity for protesters and bad payers, since a fixed and certain income, together with the duration of the contract, make it possible to contain the insolvency risk. The general characteristics of the sale of the fifth Cleopar are:

  • No guarantor required: the loan is guaranteed by salary or pension
  • The monthly payment does not exceed the fifth of the salary or pension, equal to 20 per cent of the total
  • Possibility to repay up to 10 years, in convenient monthly installments
  • The reimbursement takes place directly with payroll deduction or on the pension slip
  • Possibility to request an advance on the amount paid
  • No brokerage fees

The sale of the fifth for employees

For employees in the public and private sector, loans for protesters and bad payers Cleopar are paid out of one fifth of their salary, on which the monthly installment of debt is directly deducted from the employer and paid to the bank. Cleopar provides for employees the possibility of requesting over 75,000 euros to cover any type of expense without proof, with direct debit payroll without having to remember to pay the bill each month. It is possible to request the transfer of the fifth Cleopar also as protesters and bad payers, however each request for funding will be evaluated during the preliminary phase to verify the existence of the necessary requirements.

How to request the transfer of the fifth: the documentation

The sale of the fifth proposal by Cleopar even to protesters and bad payers is accessible to all public or state employees who meet the required master data requirement, which must be between 18 and 63 years, and prove that they have a permanent contract, as well as of course the residence in Italy. To fulfill the request, go to the nearest branch after making an appointment and bring the following documents:

  • A valid ID document
  • The tax code
  • The last paycheck
  • The Unique Certification (former CUD)

An example of a salary transfer

Through the Cleopar website it is possible to perform loan simulations with the installment calculation tool: since in the fifth transfer the monthly repayment installment cannot exceed the total 20 per cent of the salary paid by the public body or the company where you work, it follows that also the sum that can be requested is directly related to the amount that is received annually divided over the 12 months, as well as to the duration of the repayment period that can be extended up to a maximum of 10 years (120 installments). Let’s try to make people understand how it works with an example of the sale of the fifth of the Cleopar salary :

We consider an employee who receives a net salary of € 1750: in this case, the employee can receive a capital of € 20,000 for a maximum installment of € 350. In this example taken online on simulators the duration can range from 69 months to 84 months, while interest rates will be Tan from 5.90 to 10.90 per cent, and Taeg from 6.80 to 12.15 per cent.

Sale of the fifth Cleopar for pensioners

The sale of the fifth Cleopar is an opportunity also reserved for the holders of a social security check, however pensioners must meet two essential requirements:

  • Do not exceed 85 years at the end of the loan
  • Have a pension with an amount exceeding € 501.89 net of the transferable share

Even pensioners can access a loan of up to over 75,000 euros, and a valid identity document, tax code and pension slip are required as documentation.

Example of transfer on the pension

As for the sale on the salary, let’s try to make a similar example of transfer of the fifth on the Cleopar pension to clear our ideas on the amount of the installment and the interest rates, always taken from the online calculation tools that are on the web: imagining a request for 5000 euros made by a pensioner who receives a social security allowance of 1000 euros a month, will have a maximum rate of amortization of the debt equal to 200 euros, for a transfer of the fifth fixed in 30 months. As regards the interest rates applied to the financing by Cleopar, we will always have a Tan between 5.90 and 10.90 per cent, while the corresponding Taeg will fluctuate between 8.45 and 13.99 per one hundred.

Cleopar Uno debts consolidation

If you are an employee or retiree with existing funding, having difficulty managing all these deadlines, Cleopar offers you the possibility to access debt consolidation, a tool to simplify this tangle of financial situations and at the same time try to have also additional liquidity. In possession of a regular employment contract of indefinite duration or receiving a social security check you should not have access problems such as loans to protesters and bad payers, however it is always good to ask in detail to the financial company if the Cleopar Uno debts consolidation is accessible in its own situation reported in the archives, since as always in the preliminary phase the institute reserves the right to assess the compliance of the loan application with its own risk policies.

Main features

The main features of the Cleopar Uno loan can be summarized as follows:

  • Single financing management
  • Rapid delivery times
  • Amounts up to 30,000 euros
  • Personalized solutions
  • Simplification of deadlines in a single installment
  • Professional advice

Requirements and documentation

All residents in Italy, aged between 18 and 70, can apply for Cleopar debt consolidation: from the documentation point of view, the following certificates must be submitted to the branch

  • Valid identity document
  • Tax code or health card
  • Last paycheck for employees
  • Last tax return for self-employed workers
  • Last pension slip for pensioners
  • For foreign citizens, residence in Italy for at least 1 year and a valid residence permit are required

Delivery times and methods

Once the preliminary phase is completed, it is possible to receive the agreed amount within 24 hours by bank transfer or check. From the point of view of the amortization of the debt, Cleopar’s Single loan provides that the repayment can take place with automatic debit in bank or postal current account, or with bills to be reimbursed in the SusiPay or LosPa points of sale, at Quopay Authorized Points, in supermarkets of the Large-scale Organized Distribution, at Post Offices or in all other authorized establishments.

Associated with the loan Cleopar proposes a series of optional insurance policies that can be included in the loan and the cost of which must be included in the Annual Global Effective Rate including all the expenses and charges related to the loan itself.

Bad paying independent worker: are there any possibilities?

In the context of the loans for protesters and bad payers Cleopar so far analyzed, the preliminary condition for accessing finance is that of having a permanent employment contract or receiving a check from a pension institution, in short, a certain income for which the difficulties and restrictions given by reporting in databases. The question changes enormously if we talk about self-employed bad payers or protesters, so, it is good to clarify it right away, access to credit is extremely complicated, unless you have alternative rents or movable and immovable assets to put under guarantee, but not it is said that the institute accepts the loan application. It exists then the possibility of appearing in a branch with a guarantor with a solid financial reputation and a sufficient balance sheet to be able to pay the debt in the event of non-payment of installments, but also in this case the loan with guarantor must be pre-evaluated by the institution of credit and it is not said that it gives its consent.

Mini Credit Cleopar

Another attempt that can be made for those who need only small numbers for a sudden need for liquidity is the Crediterm Cleopar, a reserve of money that does not exceed 1,500 euros and that is automatically replenished by repaying the principal amount of credit used with small installments and fixed, which can be 50 or 100 euros per month, based on the debit balance. In short words

Crediterm is a credit line that allows you to always have at your disposal a reserve of money that has a maximum limit of 1500 euros, and this sort of liquidity reserve is reformed by itself by repaying the principal amount of the credit used through the payment of a fixed monthly installment, which varies according to the debit balance.

To be sure that the Crediterm Cleopar can be activated even in the presence of a self-employed worker who has had past financial problems, it is necessary to go to the branch and wait for the preliminary phase, but the low amounts could reduce the possibility of risk and play in favor of the applicant.

How it works: rates and costs

In this summary table you can find all the costs and expenses related to the operation of the Crediterm Cleopar, which as we have said has a fixed monthly installment set at 50 or 100 euros:

Mini Credit Amounts Interest rates Total expenses
Total amount € 1,500.00 Fixed TAN: 16.00% Monthly installment: € 50 or 100
Annual loan available for € 20 APR: max 23.30% Stamp duty € 16.00
    Charges for sending periodic commUnotions € 1.00 on paper – free online
    Where applicable, stamp duty on periodic commUnotion € 2.00

As we can see, the interest rates are higher than a normal personal loan or in the form of a salary-backed loan, however the total cost of the financing operation can be sustainable, however, in the presence of figures with a fairly low amount like these. Below we offer a practical example of how this line of credit works, as proposed, by the same Cleopar on its official website: imagining a used amount of 500 euros, paying single installments of 50 euros you will have a full refund due at the end of the repayment plan of 12 monthly installments of 577.14 euros.

From this example, it appears that the repayment of the amount, in addition to being extremely sustainable with just 50 euros, entails a total outlay of interest and related expenses, which can still be convenient. Trying to make a request even if reported is an attempt that we suggest you to recommend, although a positive outcome of the application is to be seen.


Like most financial companies and credit institutions operating on the Italian territory, Cleopar offers concrete opportunities for loans for protesters and bad payers especially to those who can present a certain demonstrable income, so as to be able to apply a fifth assignment, which with Cleopar can be particularly tempting by virtue of the fact that very high figures can be requested, over 75,000 euros, both for employees and for pensioners, without distinguishing between the different subjects as it happens with other operators in the sector.

The situation becomes enormously more complicated for the self-employed, so that the actual possibilities are narrowed and are in any case entrusted to the evaluation in the preliminary phase which can change from case to case. You can try to apply for a loan with a guarantor, being aware that in the event of a possible assent you would have to deal with figures that are perhaps not high and interest rates above the average, or an attempt to request credit lines with very high amounts low: in any case, relying on consultants is the most reasonable solution, and who knows if Cleopar is unable to find an alternative path more suitable for obtaining credit for clients with past financial problems that restrict access to finance.