Loans for state employees


State workers, company, local authorities: public employees can count on a certain income that, however, in some cases may not be enough to realize a dream held for a long time in a drawer. A desire to be fulfilled for oneself or for one’s family that requires an extra boost. For this reason it is necessary to have recourse to a personal loan designed also for public employees, which takes into account the peculiarities of this type of workers in order to facilitate and speed up the preliminary investigation procedures.

The loan recommended by IPL Bank for public employees

The loan recommended by IPL Bank for public employees

Every need has its loan and every situation makes history to itself. For this reason, before recommending a personal loan, IPL Bank operators carefully evaluate the situation of the applicant. In the case of civil servants, one of the most frequently chosen solutions to “fuel” projects requiring extraordinary financial support is the assignment of the fifth salary or pension.

The Cession of the Fifth is a form of consumer credit also dedicated to public or state employees (or retired) that allows you to forget the installments, since the reimbursement takes place with a deduction from the paycheck or from the pension.

IPL Bank for the Sale of the Fifth

If the choice of loan by the public employee falls on the Cession of the Fifth, here are the 3 reasons why we wait for you in our branches :

  1. The quality of our Cession of the Fifth : the value of our loan in terms of customer satisfaction has been recognized with the award of the stamp by the German Institute of Quality and Finance Excellent Cession of the Fifth.
  2. The best loan conditions : another recognition by the German Quality Institute makes us proud of the conditions we offer our customers for the Cession of the Fifth.
  3. The seriousness and the availability of the IPL Bank operators : the essential part of the satisfaction of those who request a loan is consulting. Our operators will be able to guide the public employee in choosing the best solution for his loan.

To find out more about the assignment of the Fifth pension or salary proposed by IPL Bank, we invite you to explore the topic on our product page. Moreover, for Social Institute pensioners, there is an added convenience: the assignment of the Fifth IPL Bank has an agreement.